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Pearl - Shallow Well
An exclusive diffuser design with flow control device provides for compact construction, fast self-priming capability and low noise.

Reliable with new design features the JSCH/JSCQ is more robust and forgiving when temporary abnormal operating conditions may exist.

The JSCH/JSCQ is smaller than conventional pumps of a similar type, allowing for installation in restricted spaces and providing for easier retrofit applications.

Fast air evacuation reduces the risk of air-pockets developing at the mechanical seal preventing the danger of seal failure due to a lack of flushing and cooling.

The new diffuser and flow control device guide the fluid from the impeller into the central part of the pump casing, reducing turbulence and velocity, with effective use of the surrounding liquid in dampening the noise of flow.


  • For drawing water out of a well.

  • For lifting water containing air or other gases.

  • For increasing water pressure from flooded suction applications.

  • As pressure boosting pump for central water systems with low pressure (follow local specifications if increasing network pressure).

  • For garden use.

  • For clean liquids or slightly dirty surface water.

  • For washing with a jet of water. 


  • Liquid temperature: 32 °F to 95 °F.

  • Ambient temperature up to 104 °F.

  • Maximum permissible pressure in the pump casing: 116 psi.

  • Continuous duty.


  • Close-coupled self-priming shallow-well jet pump  with built-in ejector.
  • A high-quality pump for domestic water supply.
  • Designed with environmental considerations, featuring a stainless steel casing,brass alloy impeller with minimal use of plastic materials.
  • Connections: threaded ports NPT.

  • 2-pole induction motor, 60 Hz (n ˜ 3450 rpm).
  • Three-phase 230/460 V.
  • Single-phase 230 V.
  • Capacitor inside the terminal box.
  • Insulation class F.
  • Protection IP 44.
Assembled with:

  • Pressure switch.
  • Pressure gauge.

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