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High quality pressure gauges built with the best materials and assembled following the most accurate procedures to guarantee the best measurement device. The liquid filled pressure gauges series has made developed for high precision installations where the accuracy of the pressure reading is key factor for the person who operates the system. The internal components made in bronze for better resistance and precision, are enclosed in a Stainless Steel casing and a stainless Steel ring seal the glycerin that gives the best precision to the pressure readings.


  • Stainless steel casing 

  • Glycerin filled

  • 2.5” dial

  • Stainless steel ring

  • ¼” male brass lower connection

  • High resistance polycarbonate lens 

  • Available in pressure ranges 0-160 psi; 0-200 psi and 0-300 psi

  • To be used with air or water

Pressure Gauge Liquid Filled
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Pressure Gauge Liquid Filled

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