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The PRESFLO WELL SYSTEM starts and stops the water pump according to the user’s needs.
It replaces the traditional pressure system of a tank,
pressure switch and float switch, offering more advantages such as:

  • Easy installations.
  • Reduced dimensions.
  • Constant flow.
  • No maintenance required.
  • No need to install pressure tanks.
  • Pump protection against running dry with automatic reset.

The PRESFLO WELL SYSTEM monitors the water pressure and flow rate that runs through and protects the pump against dangerous working conditions like running dry. When a tap is opened, PRESFLO starts the pump and keeps it running, delivering constant flow. PRESFLO stops the pump when the demand is near zero.


PRESFLO WELL SYSTEM is made up of a water pump and an electronic pump controller which pulls water out of shallow wells, underground tanks, ponds or lakes to be used for:

  • Residential boosting systems
  • Irrigation


  • PRESFLO’s body made of technopolymer with built-in check valve.
  • Pressure loss is extremely low, for this reason it is possible to use PRESFLO WELL SYSTEMS with capacity up to 50 gpm.
  • The special valve guarantees the pump continuous operation even with capacity as low as 0.2 gpm.
  • Spring/membrane water accumulator. A special membrane guarantees a high level of protection against overpressure. PRESFLO’s high capacity is essential to avoid frequent starts/stops of the pump in case of a leak in the pipeline.
  • Circuit board: Easy to replace, available in 115V and 230V.
  • PRESFLO WELL SYSTEMS come available with different pumps, for maximum working pressure up to 70 PSI’s and flow rates up to 50 gpm.
PWSJS05 12G30P
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PWSJS05 12G30P
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