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VPC-VPS 120 - Pumps

Max. Efficiency at 420 gpm.
Flow range: 200 - 550 gpm.

The VPC and VPS pumps are non-self priming vertical multistage pump with in-line design with flanges.

The stages are made of stainless steel impellers, chambers and pressure casing. Pump stub shaft and motor shaft are directly close coupled. All pump are equipped with a cartridge type mechanical seal for easy maintenance.

VPC and VPS series have different pump sizes and various numbers of stages to provide the flow and the pressure required.


• Water Supply and Pressure Boosting:
- Pressure boosting in buildings, hotels, residential applications
- Pressure booster stations, supply of water networks
- Pressure boosting for industrial water supply

• Light industry:
- Washing and cleaning systems
- Car washing facilities
- Fire fighting systems
- Process water systems
- Machine tools (cooling lubricants)

• Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning:
- Boilers
- Induction heating
- Heat exchangers
- Refrigerators
- Cooling towers and systems
- Temperature control systems

• Irrigation and Agriculture:
- Greenhouses 
- Sprinkler irrigation

• Water Treatment:
- Water softeners and de-mineralization
- Reverse Osmosis systems
- Distillation systems
- Filtration 
- Ultra-filtration systems

Mechanical Seal
Standard cartridge mechanical seal made of silicon carbide/silicon carbide/EPDM or Viton. Depending on the type of application, Alternative materials are available for the seal and the elastomers. The cartridge type mechanical seal can be replaced in minutes without special tools and without disassembling the pump.
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